Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Canada?


Yes! Medical marijuana was first legalized in Canada in 2000 but has undergone multiple changes in legal status since then. 

Through the current regulations, if you are a medical marijuana patient, you can acquire cannabis through 3 different avenues:


Purchasing Medical Marijuana

According to the new medical marijuana regulations, once you have obtained your license, you can purchase different strains of cannabis from your local medical marijuana dispensary.

To obtain your license, however, you must first ensure you are eligible.

To qualify for a medical marijuana license under the ACMPR, a patient must:

In addition, you must have the approval of your doctor and be suffering from certain illnesses or conditions in order to be considered eligible for medical marijuana.


Applying for a Medical Marijuana License & Prescription

In order to be able to legally buy products from medical marijuana dispensaries, you must first apply for a license. 

This includes several steps:

  1. Consulting your healthcare practitioner to discuss whether medical marijuana is a viable option for your condition 
  2. Asking your doctor to fill out and sign the necessary Health Canada medical document and give you a prescription (valid for 12 months.) 
  3. Completing our registration form to access the services of one of the licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in your area  

If you require any help during this process, book a private consultation with one of our staff members and we can help ensure that your application is successful.


Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana at Home

According to the updated marijuana legalization regulations, patients are now eligible to grow a limited amount of cannabis at home for up to 2 people.

You can either:

However, before you decide to grow your own medical marijuana, you MUST register with Health Canada to protect yourself from any legal issues. 

This process includes



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