Brush up On Your Gardening Skills: A Marijuana Growing Guide


Growing marijuana at home has come a long way since the days of total prohibition, with Health Canada announcing that some medical marijuana patients can grow a limited amount of cannabis at home. 

This means that there has never been a better time to pick up marijuana growing as a hobby. Don’t fret if you don’t know where to start! Our experienced & friendly staff are always ready to lend you a helping hand. 

Am I Eligible to Grow Medical Marijuana at Home?

If you’re thinking of growing marijuana at home, it’s important to know that you have to meet ALL the requirements of the ACMPR, which state that you must


If you meet these requirements and have authorization from your healthcare professional, you may be eligible to grow your own marijuana or designate someone to grow it for you.

Growing Your Own Marijuana in Canada: Registration Process

If you intend to grow your own medical marijuana, it’s absolutely crucial that you register with Health Canada. Only registered patients & caregivers that are in compliance with all aspects of the medical marijuana program can be protected. 

The registration process is as follows:


1. Meet With Your Health Care Practitioner

The first step in growing your own marijuana is to meet with your physician and talk about using medical marijuana to treat your illness. Your healthcare practitioner will provide you with a signed medical document if they determine that this is a suitable course of treatment. 


2. Register to Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana

Fill out and send this registration form along with the medical document from your physician to Health Canada if you wish to:


4. Get a Registration Certificate 

If your registration application is complete & meets all the requirements, Health Canada will send you a registration certificate. This is your proof that you can legally produce a limited amount of medical marijuana. If you have a designated person, they will receive their own certificate. 

On the certificate, it will indicate:


** You can only begin growing marijuana once you have received this registration certificate from Health Canada **




Starting Materials & Interim Supply

Once you have received a registration certification from Health Canada to begin growing your marijuana, you can also register with a licensed producer for an interim supply which may include

You may need this


If you use a licensed producer for an interim supply, you must ensure that you don’t have more marijuana than you are legally allowed to possess. This includes any cannabis you may have already grown in addition to your interim supply.


7 Things You Need to Know Before Growing Marijuana at Home


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