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1. Where can I buy medical marijuana? 

In Canada, you can buy medical marijuana from your choice of approved Licensed Commercial Producers (LCP.) At Medicron & Accessories, we offer high-quality, premium medical marijuana at great prices! 


2. Can I travel with my prescription?

Yes, you may travel with your medication within Canada, but not exceeding 150g. If you are flying, it’s best that you check with the airline before travelling with any MMJ.


3. How Often Will I Need to See The Doctor to Keep My Prescription?

When your doctor signs your medical documentation, they can write you a prescription and set its validity for any time period within 12 months. This means that you will have to renew your prescription at least once a year.


4. What are the other names for marijuana?


5. Once I am registered with an LCP, what is my proof of authority to possess marijuana? 

Your proof of authority to legally possess MMJ will come as either:

Please note: Patients are NOT given ID cards from the federal government. 


6. How do I know which strain I need?

While in some cases your physician may be able to advise you on which strains will work for you, the staff at Medicron & Accessories are well-trained and highly qualified to help you select a product that suits your individual needs. We will put you directly in touch with licensed producers or dispensaries across Western Canada.

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7. Is my medication covered by any Healthcare provider?

MMJ is not currently covered by any Federal, Provincial or private health insurance. However, you can write off the cost of your medical marijuana as a medical expense when doing your taxes with valid receipts.


8. Can I grow my own medical marijuana? 

Yes! Under the new ACMPR regulations, patients are allowed to grow their own medical marijuana. All you need to do is apply to Health Canada once you have your prescription.

However, there are many conditions that apply to growing your own weed. To protect yourself from any possession charges, talk to one of our team members today and they can guide you in the process through our Grower’s Guide.

9. Is marijuana addictive? 

Most people can use marijuana without becoming addicted. For users with vulnerabilities such as mental illness, stress or a genetic predisposition, there may be a risk of dependence.

If you suffer from any of the above, talk to your physician before deciding on MMJ as a treatment option. 


10. What is the cost of a consultation? 

Our consultation is free, which includes: 

Get professional advice and guidance throughout the entire application process, from getting approval all the way to receiving the proper medication. 

Professional assessments on your personal health condition with doctors who can approve you for the proper dosage and issue your green card.

We put approved green card holders in touch with licensed medical producers and help you order the right medication suited for your particular needs. This can include helping you choose the right strains, or options such as oils and other hemp products.


11. What is the cost of getting a medical marijuana prescription?

There is no cost to getting a medical marijuana prescription. 


Need More Answers?

If you have any additional concerns or queries regarding eligibility or where to buy medical marijuana in Calgary and Western Canada, our staff is always available to help you stay abreast of all the latest medical marijuana news in Canada.

For more information, call us at 403-978-5743 or fill in our online contact form. We’d love to hear from you! 

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