History of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana had its start long before California and Canada became med-pot-friendly. Cannabis is suspected to have been first cultivated as long as 10,000 years ago, and cultures around the globe, including in India, China, South America and the Middle East, have been benefitting from its medicinal uses for centuries.

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Medical Marijuana Legalization In Canada 

Understanding the laws and regulations for medical marijuana legalization in Canada can be very complicated. However, fully understanding them is very important. Here is a brief history of the process:

The MMAR was created to allow people to gain access to medical marijuana (only in its dried form) either through Health Canada, self-production, or a designated producer. The MMAR license limits were significantly larger than what Canadians experience under the current ACMPR.

The MMAR was replaced by the MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purpose Regulations), whereby the decision to use medical marijuana is solely between you and your health practitioner. 

This regulation change sped up the process for getting the medical cannabis paperwork. The Canadian federal government also created a License Producer (LP) regulated program which required Canadians to access medical marijuana via mail from an LP. 

The new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) is the result of the Allard v. Canada court ruling that the MMPR infringed on Canadians’ right to reasonable access to cannabis for medical purposes. 

The biggest change is the introduction of the provision that allows Canadians who require medical marijuana to produce a limited amount themselves or designate a grower to produce for them. 

Current Laws & Regulations

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